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Best Business Ideas in India - Vestige Marketing Plan

Are you looking for a change in your life?

Vestige Marketing Plan is number one among the Best Business Ideas in India. Yes, you can change your life by just changing your shop from where you buy your daily use of essential goods. Really, it's not a joke at all! But, a question may be arising in your mind that how changing our shop can change our life.

Let's clear all doubts, but before that ask some questions to yourself:

  • Have you ever got any earnings from your purchasing?
  • Are those products chemical-free and not harmful to your body?
  • Have you ever got any loyalty benefits for being a long term customer of a particular shop?

You will observe that the answer is "No" for all of the above questions. If we say that the answer can be "Yes" by just changing your local shop to Vestige then it will be a big surprise for you.

Change your shop Change your life

Product Category

Your life will be totally changed if you join Vestige Marketing Plan. Once you become a member, you will be entitled as a "Distributor" whereas, in a traditional shop or eCommerce portal, you are always treated as a "Customer". Furthermore, now you become a business owner that is also without any investment. Your earnings start as soon as you make any purchase from Vestige.

So, by joining the Vestige which is the best business ideas in India, you also become a supporter of the Indian Government's slogans like "Vocal for Local", "Self Employment" and "Atmanirbhar Bharat".

Introduction about Vestige

VestigeMarketing Pvt. Ltd., is an Indian direct selling company which was established in the year 2004. Its head office is in Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi, India. Today the company is among the top 30 global direct selling companies.

Vestige is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, and have a wide range of products which are GMP and Halal certified like Health Care, Personal Care, Oral Care, Health Food, and Agri.

Business Model and Benefits

As mentioned above that you become a "Distributor" as soon as you join Vestige. Your earnings start when you make any purchase with Vestige which is the best business ideas in India.

In traditional market system a product is reached to you through various stages like Manufacturer > C&F Agent > Distributor > Wholesaler > Retailer > Customer. In this scenario, suppose a product's cost is Rs. 40 and by passing through these channels, it price becomes Rs. 100. So, Rs. 60 is distributed among the mediator from C&F to Retailer.

But, in Vestige a product is directly available to you from the company and the difference of Rs. 60 distributed among the distributors like you and others who have joined the company.

Vestige offers 9 types of incomes as follows:

  • Savings on consumption 10%-20%
  • Accumulative Performance Bonus 5%-11%
  • Bronze Director Bonus 4%
  • Business Building Bonus 14%
  • Leadership Overriding Bonus 16%
  • Travel Fund 5%
  • Car Fund 5%
  • House Fund 3%
  • Elite Club Bonus

There are two main key factors PV (Point Value) and BV (Business Volume) in this concept. PV is used to calculate your position in the company whereas BV (Business Volume) is used to calculate your income. On average a point value or PV is equal to Rs.30 and business volume or BV is equal to PVx18.

It is a cumulative marketing plan, it's mean that your current month's PV is added to next month's PV.

Who should join Vestige?

Only serious and dedicated person, who are looking for the best business ideas in India to change their life, in terms of financial growth and stability, should join Vestige marketing plan.

You can choose it as a part-time or full-time profession; it is absolutely free to join. For being successful in this field you must stay for a longer time period and it requires your full dedication, hard work, support, and patience.

Qualification to Join with Vestige

Any Indian resident from any professional and qualification background can join. You are required to have valid government ID proof like Aadhar Card, Voter ID, PAN and an active bank account.

How to start with Vestige?

To start a career in Vestige, you are required to register yourself. Follow these steps to get registered:

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1. Install Vestige Online Shopping App

2. After installing the App, register yourself

3. In Referral Code type REF381B982 OR in Upline Distributor ID type 58833282

4. Complete all the information like your Name, Address, DOB, Mobile, and email etc.

5. After successful registration, you will receive your Login ID and Password details via SMS on the registered mobile number.

6. Update your KYC with any one of these documents like Aadhar Card, Voter ID or Driving Licence by uploading the front and backside of the same.

Now you are done with the registration process, and you can see your distributor ID on the dashboard. To activate your ID, you are required to make a purchase of a minimum of 30 PV which is around Rs.1200.

Once you are done with the purchase, your ID will go green (activated). For faster success and availing of maximum benefits in Vestige marketing plan, it is advisable to make a purchase of 100 PV (Rs. 3000-3200) each month continuously for 4 months. If you do so, you will get Rs. 2500 products free in the fifth month and lots of other benefits.

Where to purchase Vestige products?

You can easily purchase Vestige products online with Vestige Online Shopping App, and for offline purchase you can find the nearest District Level Contact Point (DLCP) in your area.

<< Find Vestige Branches & DLCP >>

If you have any doubts and need clarification, please Click here to leave a WhatsApp message.

How to be successful in Vestige marketing plan?

If you want to be successful in Vestige Marketing Plan the best business ideas in India, you are required to follow the following steps:

1. Use the products

First of all, you should purchase and use the products of Vestige. You will definitely like these products.

2. Refer your friends

If you liked these products, you can share your experience with your friends, neighbors, and relatives. Also, tell them the benefits of using these products. If they are interested then show them the business plan and other benefits of joining.

3. Follow Up

Once you have joined your friends in your down line, you should follow up with them, and assist if they need any help. Share with them the latest updates and achievements to boost morale.

After joining with Vestige, if you follow the above-mentioned steps, very soon you will be a successful businessman and see financial growth.